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Fengshui Gaharu



“Beyond a pleasant smell, a drop of Agarwood essence will softly invade
your lungs, your mind, your body and spirit”

Aroma gaharu secara perlahan akan meresap ke dalam paru dan otak kemudian memberi efek pada tubuh dan semangat. sungguh kata-kata yang tepat mengapa banyak orang senang dengan aroma gaharu.  Aroma khasnya tak tergantikan oleh yang lainnya. bahkan ada legenda yang saya baru tahu ini ada yaitu :

Legend of the east has it
that Agarwood is the
only plant Adam was
allowed to take from the
Garden of Eden

Hanya tanaman gaharu yang boleh diambil Adam dari dalam sorga.  Tak tahu ini kisah dari timur mana, yang sangat kita kenal kisah Adam tentang pohon Khuldi.  Tetapi menarik juga ada cerita yang menyatakan pohon gaharu adalah pohon sorga.

Invigorating smell ‘Qi’
As we know Qi comes in different shapes and for ms, including smell. And Oud, the essence of Agarwood, is one of the best example of energizing Qi in the sense of smell. There is something beyond words about the aroma of this divine wood: deep, rich, and earthy; it is sweet yet sharp balsamic  woodiness will penetrate your senses. In Feng Shui, Agarwood can be used first of all as a source of
auspicious Qi, especially at the place  where you need to introduce wood elements.
Cure Sha Qi Agarwood
essence has been associated as divince property for many years by many religions. Its essence, Oud oil, and scraps from the wood itself has
been used as incents, praying sticks and praying beads because of the special smell it harbours onto the air. This smell is said to appease the spirits, thus it is often used in worship places. For this reason, Agarwood may be used to cure Sha Qi, for example placing it in any
area of your house where the Qi feels stagnant. However, proper Feng Shui consultation is needed to deter mine the best place of Agarwood placement for this

Enhance health sector

The most important benefit of Agarwood lies in its healing property. Traced back over the centuries and across many countries, its theraupetic essence has been proven to heal many diseases, as well as improving mental clarity and calming one’s mind. In Feng Shui,
we can use the wood to enhance our health sector. This will depend on the method you are using to analyze: for example in Eight
Mansion, you can place this wood at the Tian Yi 天医 sector. Again, you may need to consult a professional Feng Shui practitioner to get the
best out of this wood’s healing property. There are many things one can choose as Feng Shui items, be it enhancers or cures. With many
items being sold in the market,  getting an effective and truly valuable things can prove to be a challenge. With its high value and
many healing benefits, Agarwood will be a considerable option for those looking for worthwhile FengShui items.

Written by: Anita Zou, B.Arch
Architect, interior designer
Ass0c. consultant of SFSC
Edited by: GM Vincent Koh



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